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When Grow Together Snow Foundation (GTSF) reached out to us to handle their brand identity and website design project, we were excited and knew that we had to go beyond the ordinary.

Prior to starting the project, we listened to their idea and collected as much background information as we possibly could. One criteria was that the acronym should be included in the design.

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Then we mapped out a strategy for execution. Once the strategy was approved, we set out to work and developed the brand In addition to that, we scheduled a phone call session her idea of what she wanted her foundation website to look like. We also understudied her personality, goals, and aspirations and then proceeded to develop content that will tell her story to the community she desires to serve.

The story started with the logo design

Once the logo was completed, we proceeded with content creation and web design.

One of our goals was to build a customized website by focusing on the user experience.

We also incorporated unique images that will make the website stand out.

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