This is 2019. It is the year of building profitable brands and how do profitable brands come to be? It is by putting strategies in place that will help you attract customers and reach your revenue goals. As a business strategist, one of the trends I have noticed about most business owners is that they have no real strategy for attracting customers. Most people have a great idea of what is they intend to or are offering, however when it comes to the real strategy of attracting customers, they are found wanting.

As a business owner, do you have ways of attracting customers and reaching your revenue goals? Or are you operating on hope and wishes? If you are the type that only depend on hope to build a profitable brand, I am afraid your dreams will only remain what it is – a dream. However, if you are the type that take the time to develop a real strategy on how to attract customers and reach your revenue goals, you are the real deal.

10 Proven Ways to Attract Customers

If you want to succeed in life, you need a strategy and since your business is part of life, you need a sound strategy to attract the right customer and reach your revenue goals. Below are 10 proven ways you can use in attracting customers and reach or even exceed your revenue goals.

  • Cold calling: It doesn’t matter the stage you are in your business, cold calling can help you attract new customers and reach your revenue goals. Cold calling is when you create a list of people or other businesses who match the description of your brand persona or target audience but are yet to know about your business. The key to a successful cold calling campaign is to be sure that the names of people or businesses that make up your list are those who truly need your products. One important thing to note about cold calling is that you must not take a “NO” answer personally.
  • Host an event: A well-planned event hosted by you is a great way for people to experience your brand before they commit to doing business with you. There’s so much power in one-on-one interactions and

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  • Build a ommunity: One of the best decisions I ever made in my business was to build a community (insert link). Building an online community at that time helped me attract more customers than I could have ever dreamed of or imagined. Today, the community that started with just four people has grown to over 13k+ people. This helped me to consistently attract new customers to my brand while also retaining the old ones and reaching my revenue goals.
  • Write a book: Writing a book is one of the ways to get people interested in your brand and in the process if your message resonates with your readers, you can then convert them from prospects into customers. I’ve heard a lot of entrepreneurs tell me how hard it is to write a book and I wanted to share that writing a book does not necessarily mean that it must be lengthy or that you have to go through the rigors of print publishing. Prior to publishing my print book, I already published four (4) e-books and tons of content.

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  • Create a course: Like what a book does, creating a free course or even a low-end course is a surefire way of attracting new customers. The idea of creating a free course is to get people who would ordinarily ignore your brand out of no tolerance for risk to experience what you can offer. Many people who know about your business do not patronize you because they fear to take the risk.
  • Form strategic partnerships: Identify other entrepreneurs with whom you can form strategic partnerships with. For example, you can form a strategic partnership with a brand such that when customers purchase from them, they are referred to your brand and vice versa.

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  • Step up your content marketing game: Content marketing can come in the form of your status updates, email marketing and chatbots. The most important thing to have at the back of your mind is that your content must be helpful to your target audience.

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  • Build a website: Your website is a tool that can be used to attract new customers. Many people go online to look up your brand long before they patronize you. Now, having website is the beginning. You must also find ways to drive traffic to your website. One way to drive traffic to your website is by using search engine optimization such that your website is found in search results.
  • Set up a reff system: Referrals are great ways of encouraging current customers to refer new one. Your current customers are mostly more than happy to send you new ones if you do an exceptional job and you appreciate them for it. Don’t expect your current customers to go all out for you. Instead, think of ways in which you can set up a referral system such that they can earn a token or reward for referring people to you.

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  • Volunteer to speak at a local event: Any opportunity for you to get in front of an audience that matches the description of your target audience is something you should take advantage of. This act will help you get noticed and can do wonders for your business.

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No one can build a profitable brand without getting to the point of having to recruit extra hands that will help you move your startup from ordinary to extraordinary. Late last year, during a conversation with one of my mentors, what was supposed to be a 30-minute session turned out to be 2 hours because we were discussing the all-important topic of things to look out for during the hiring process. For your startup to move from good to better or from ordinary to extraordinary, you will get to a point whereby you’ll need extra hands to make your dreams come true.

Identifying the need for an extra hand is the easy part but knowing when and who to hire isn’t. As a growing startup, I’ve had to make tough choices in hiring people as well and that’s why today I’ll like to share some hiring tips that have helped me up till now even as I continually evolve.



When you think about hiring, you must watch out for self-motivated individuals. The greatest mistake you can make is hiring someone you’d have to pump up every day. A self-motivated individual is one who is ready to take full responsibility and thrust himself or herself into the task of moving the organization forward. As a growing company, the least headache you need is having to motivate your employees on a daily basis. Motivated individuals are those who need minimal instructions, take things as theirs and are committed to seeing you succeed. They understand the simple fact that honor comes as a result of giving selflessly rather than receiving. Organizations that have gone from one person to national or multinational corporations were built by getting self-motivated individuals on board.


As a CEO or someone at the helm of affairs, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that anyone you bring to your startup must be ready to own the vision. What do I mean by this? They must see your organization as their own and be willing to give it their best to see it succeed. But how do you make someone own the vision?

You do so by casting the vision and empowering the individual to take ownership for execution. This will make things easier


Isn’t this supposed to be the other way around?

Let me explain this part to you. I watched a video that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook was featured in and one of the things he mentioned in the video when asked to share tips about how Facebook hires the best of the best even in the earlier days, Mark said, he doesn’t hire people that can work for him, he only hires people he can work for if the tables were to be turned around. This is profound wisdom to me because it simply means, when I hire someone, they must have the characteristics of someone I can work for. Whatever characteristics you’d want in someone you can work for should be the characteristics of someone who can work with you. This helps to get the job done because that person would have the same mindset as yours


Sometimes, you might think you’ve hired the right person based on the exceptional performance they put up during the job interview but by the time they start working with you, you’d realize it was just makeup.  When you use makeup to cover your imperfections during the day, the truth will come home to roost at night after you’ve washed it all off. What then do you do?  Keep “making things up”? No! if you truly want to build a profitable brand, once you find out that you’ve hired the wrong person for the job, you want to fire as fast as possible so you do not try to keep on filling a basket with water.


As an entrepreneur, you must have a backup plan and always be prepared. This is another highly relevant tip I got about hiring at a training session for entrepreneurs I attended for 3 years. It’s been three whole years but it still rings loud in my ears. Our host at that time had been in business for 17 years and she had experienced all kinds of people over the years. She shared how employees stole an entire database of customers and ran away with it and also how she had to pick herself back up from the ground to rebuild. It was indeed a bitter experience for her and she’s had several bad encounters as well so at the end of the training she had this to say.

“Always know your next hire”.

What did she mean by this?

If you have an all-important position currently held by someone and you cannot afford not to have that position filled at ALL times then you must actively groom someone else to take over or always have someone else at the back of your mind that can fit into that role perfectly should in case the person currently holding the position decides to leave without notice. This will help you prevent an unnecessary halt in operations or anything that could adversely affect your business.

Overall, as a Christian, I believe you must pray. No matter how hard you try, only God can give you the wisdom you need in picking the right people that will help you move your startup from ordinary to extraordinary.

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