Being an entrepreneur means you have so many things vying for your attention. But as a smart entrepreneur who realizes that it’s impossible to mindfully attend to everything that calls for one’s attention, you are always striving to make time for the most important things.

The question now is, what are the most important things to make time for as an entrepreneur? The answers might vary depending on what type of industry you are, but these 6 things are universal and as such, applies to every entrepreneur

1. Masterminding with Other Great Entrepreneurs

Growing a profitable brand goes beyond “me, myself and I”. It requires that you mastermind and brainstorm with other like minds who can keep you on your toes. Do you have people who keep you on your toes? If yes, that’s great! If no, what’s stopping you?

2. Exercising

Exercise does a lot of great things for the body. It helps to keep you in shape, help you think better and ultimately increases your productivity!! Exercise has also been linked to longevity.  The more you exercise, the more strength you’ll have to keep going long after others have quit.

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3. Mentoring and Developing Your Team Members

Are you trying to build a business that will outlive you? Then, invest in your team members. Your team members are your greatest assets because no matter how grand your ideas are, if there is no one to execute it, then it’s as good as not having ideas. The more you mentor and develop your team members, the better they’ll become and the more successful your business will be.

4. Continuous Education

Knowledge is transient. What served you well last year might be obsolete this year. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you should make time for educating yourself continuously.

Why is this important?

It helps you stay ahead of the curve, help you earn the respect of your customers and puts you at an advantage in comparison to your competitors. Invest in continuous education and constantly adding to your knowledge bank is an investment that will pay you for a lifetime!

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5. Vacation

Vacation may seem like a far-fetched activity especially when you are trying to grow your business. However, taking a vacation is not only something you should make time for, but it should also be a part of your non-negotiables yearly. Vacation time can help you ease stress, rejuvenate and coming back with better ideas.

6. Spending time with and listening to customers

The reason you are in business is to acquire customers, retain a lot of them and make a profit! Other reasons are icing on the cake! When your customers feel unsatisfied or uncared for, they become uninterested in doing business with you!

To prevent this, spend time with your customers. Spending time with them gives you the opportunity to ask for their opinion, ideas, and feedback. If you notice that your customers don’t come back, pick up the phone and give them a call.

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Thank you for reading.

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I have a weakness and my weakness is that hardworking women gets my attention 100% of the times! What’s not to love about a hardworking woman filled with passion, love and committed to making a difference?

One of such hard working women that have gotten my heart is Oluwatobi Busayo Asenuga, CEO, Rubidily Baby Store, the number one online baby store in Nigeria. I met this amazing woman on the “streets of Zukerville” when she joined my freemium Facebook Group for power women entrepreneurs and it didn’t take long for me to realize that she had a dream bigger than “self.”

Her attitude got me curious so I tracked her down for an interview where she shared her dreams, hopes and aspirations. Read her story below and be inspired.

What informed your decision to start your business?

In 2014, while shopping for my soon-to-be-born baby, I felt some type of indescribable joy inside of me and I said to myself, “what if I am also part of other women’s joy by starting a brand that caters to babies?” That was the beginning of the beginning.

After I had my baby and going through all the rigors of motherhood, the thoughts of starting my baby brand became even stronger. I knew instantly that owning a baby brand would not only afford me the opportunity to be a part of other women’s joy but it would also give me an opportunity to educate, enlighten other women on what to expect as they navigate the difficult terrain of motherhood and ultimately making a difference. And so with very little money, I took a step of faith and started Rubidily Baby Store.

What is the mission of your business?

The mission of Rubidily Baby Store is not just to sell baby essentials, it is to make a difference by coming alongside mums of toddlers and provide them with the much-needed support needed to raise a total child in the first 5 years of life.

What is your vision? Please include where you will like to see your business in 5 years.

My vision for Rubidily is to build it as a brand to be reckoned with when it comes child and mother health. I want Rubidily to be instrumental in reducing child mortality rate in Nigeria by at least 20% in the next 5 years while also being the number one for mums seeking quality items for their toddlers.

What makes you different from other similar businesses?

I am a firm believer in offering value. I have a genuine passion in what I do and so I bring my loving self into conversations with mums and mums-to-be while also creating a platform of mutual trust and understanding. Rubidily Baby Store is not just a baby shop – it’s a haven for mums.

What current projects are you working on?

Currently, I am looking forward to starting an NGO next year tagged “ It’s New To Me.” My goal is to collect baby and toddler items from mothers who no longer need them and then donate items collected to the less privileged mothers in society. Also, in line with my vision of reducing child mortality rate, I intend partnering with well-meaning people, governmental agencies and international organizations that are committed to providing sterile birth kit to women in rural areas in Nigeria.

Do you have any advice for those who would like to start their business?

First, it is important that everyone who wants to start their business should believe in themselves. According to my mentor Seun Akinlotan, if you are a business owner, you already understand how draining it is to be an entrepreneur. Beyond the glitz and glamor of entrepreneurship displayed online belies countless hours of hard work that has a semblance of slavery. In this case, slavery to work that comes with trying to build a profitable brand.

My advice to those who are yet to start their business is to get a mentor that will hold their hand. Also, they need to identify with people who are headed in the same direction as them. For me, I draw my strength from my OSBS Elite sisters.

What is your best quote?

Be the help someone needs. Together we can make the world a better place.

How do you want people to support you?

This is hard! However, I will be extremely grateful if people can support my cause by providing clothes and necessities for the less-privileged mums in the society by donating baby items they no longer need. I will also be highly appreciated if people visit the Rubidily Baby Store on Instagram and Facebook as 5% of my profit are channeled toward humanitarian causes.


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How can customers reach you? Include website, social media links etc.

Customers can reach me via, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram

You can reach me by calling +2348136786943

Thank you for reading! Have a question for Tobi Asenuga? Kindly leave a comment below and remember to share this post with a friend.