There is no way you can reach your business goals without learning how to manage your time properly and that’s why as a business owner, you must be committed to learning time-management skills that will put you on the path of progress. When it comes to being able to manage one’s time effectively, I wasn’t always on top. There was a time in my life when I simply could not account for how I spent my time let alone reach my goals and instead of finding ways to learn how to manage my time effectively, I resorted into a blame game and convinced myself that I simply needed more time.

Over time, I noticed that year after year, I kept falling farther away from my goals and then decided to research about time management. During my research, I came across powerful teachings by the great American Business Philosopher, Jim Rohn who opined in many of his messages that everyone had the same 24 hours daily and the difference in the results was about how we spent our time. From listening to Jim Rohn speak about the importance of being accountable for time spent, I began to experience a new level of time consciousness that helped me to begin to reach my business goals.

As a business owner, if you truly want to reach or exceed your goals, you must learn how to manage your time effectively. Here are 6 time-management tips you can immediately implement and start getting results.

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1. Listen to something inspirational after you wake up: One of the ways you can learn how to manage your time effectively, get more things done and reach your business goals is by listening to something inspirational daily. Inspirational teachings have a way of charging up one’s spirit which in turn sets you in the right mood for getting things done.

When you listen to something inspirational, you begin to see possibilities instead of impossibilities.

You feel empowered to take on tasks you’d normally avoid or that would have taken you longer to accomplish. Inspirational messages breed creativity, sparks your passion and give you a drive toward spending your time on things that matter.

2. Start your day with goals: If there’s one “time-management” tip I readily offer to anyone who solicits for my opinion on the subject matter, it is that you should start your day with goals. Many years ago, my family moved close to one of my favorite shopping malls. Many times, I visited the mall out of impulse instead of having a real goal. The result? Going back home with shopping bags containing items I don’t need and the more mind-boggling thing is the time wasted on activities that drew me farther from my goals.

If you truly want to grow your business, you must learn to start your day with specific goals in mind.

This will help you prevent distraction or getting involved in activities that are not already in your schedule. The result? You’ll start managing your time better, get more things done and get better results than the average person you know.

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3. Work during your optimal performance time range: In order to manage your time effectively and grow your brand, you must learn to work when you know that your optimal performance is guaranteed. What is optimal performance, in this context?

Optimal performance is when your performance is at its peak.

I believe everyone including you and I have times during a given 24-hour period when we perform optimally. For example, if you are someone whose brain performs optimally at night, you may want to schedule your activities during that time and vice versa. Trying to work at a time for which you are not built for not only waste times, but also it’s a perfect recipe for not getting things done.

4. Spend more time on activities that produce a profit: As a business owner, you are in business to acquire customers and make a profit. Anything outside of that is called a filler. Many business owners waste time, become overwhelmed and do not produce results because they do not focus their energy on profit-producing activities. What do you focus your time on?

Activities like posting on social media that gets you plenty of likes but no customers is an example of an activity that yields no profit.

Responding to customer inquiries in a timely fashion, submitting a proposal to a prospect/customer and giving a sale presentation are examples of activities that produce a profit in a business. Take a look at your business and decide which of your activities produce profit and start spending more time on those activities so you can move closer to reaching your business goals.

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5. Shut down your phone: I wish there was a way I could imprint this in the heart of every business owner I know.

If you want to become a better manager of your time and reach your business goals, you must learn to shut down your phone.

My phone used to be a source of huge distraction for me with the never-ending beeps and notifications that lure me away from doing the things that truly matter. When I noticed how much time I waste pressing my phone endlessly and wandering the internet like a lost child, I decided to start turning off my phone when I am in the middle of completing my most important tasks. For my less important tasks, I leave my phone on but place it on mute (in fact, my phone has been on permanent mute for the last 3 years) and place it face down. With this practice, I have not only been able to better manage my time and reach my business goals, but I have also experienced sanity (for a lack of better word) than ever before.

6. Delegate: There’s nothing that waste time as much as spending time on tasks that could easily be delegated to someone else or even to technology. As a business owner, there’s always a tendency not to want to delegate because of the other person’s ability to get the job done. In the process of trying to do everything yourself, can lead to burnout, ineffectiveness and ultimately, having little to no results to show for the time spent.


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One of the things I learned as a child was that words don’t stick on people. However, as an adult, I’ve come to realize that though words spoken to you might not stick to your physical body, words do have enough power to stick in your heart forever. Words carry so much power. The right word said at the right time to the right person can positively impact generations. The same is also true for the wrong word. That’s why when people say things meant to belittle dreams, your heart can be crushed to the point that you may feel like throwing in the towel.

How to Handle People Who Belittle Your Dreams

When you think about how to handle the people who belittle your dream, you must first understand that people have different reasons for belittling your dreams. For example, if it’s coming from your parents, they might be scared based on past experiences or they might want you to dream even bigger. If it’s coming from a sibling, it might be because of finances. If it’s coming from a friend, it might be because of the fear of the loss of the relationship. Wherever the belittling is coming from, most times it is for different reasons. That’s why you should not generalize and say things like “nobody likes me.” Maintaining such a stance is suggest that you are not secured within. Instead, learn to separate the behavior from the person. If people knew better, they would definitely act better.

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If you need coping mechanisms, here are 5 practical ways that will help you when you are surrounded by those who belittle your dreams.

1. Find a group headed in the same direction as you are: There is nothing as belonging to a community of like-minded people. This is one of the best coping strategies in a world filled with naysayers. If you don’t have a group of people who can serve a source of encouragement, your support system, and empowerment tonic, it would only be a matter of time before you get overwhelmed by the pressure that comes with negativity from the people who constantly belittle your dreams.

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2. Listen to something inspirational daily: You are what you feed yourself with. If you want more positivity in your attitude and life, you need to be constantly fed with positivity. This same principle can be applied to counter the effects of the words people who belittle your dreams speak to you. When you fill yourself more with inspirational and motivational speeches, you begin to train yourself to get drawn more to positivity than negativity. This habit will, in turn, become a lifestyle such that when people belittle your dreams, it becomes meaningless to you.

3. Detach your emotions: Detaching your emotions mean do not take things personally. This is very hard to do especially because we are made with feelings and emotions. However, if you truly want to handle people who belittle your dreams you also need to learn how to detach your emotions from the words being said to you. That way, no matter what people say to you, it does not move you a bit.

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4. Talk less: When you realize that people around you are more prone to belittling your dreams, it’s time to start talking less. Many people feel more threatened when you start sharing your dreams with them. In fact, when some people hear about your dreams, they become extremely uncomfortable and in order for them to feel more comfortable, they turn to look for ways to belittle in your dreams. Deal with them by pressing the mute buttons on your lips.

5. Let them go: It is a painful thing when those you genuinely love or those who you think should know better are the ones who belittle your visions and dreams. If you have people in your life who never take the time to understand what you do but goes ahead to belittle your dreams, it’s time to let them go. Letting go of people does not mean you don’t care, it just means you need time alone. Let such people go and see how lighter you’ll feel.

Thank you for reading. How do you handle people who belittle your dreams? Join the conversation in the comment box below and remember to leave a comment.

Sometimes last year, I received an invitation from a church in my community to a guest speaker at a conference being organized by the church. After a few weeks of deliberation on what to talk about, I decided to share on “why you shouldn’t settle less.”

Like millions, if not billions, of people all over the world, I’ve been presented with opportunities for settling for less in more times than I can currently keep track of. I had the “special opportunity” to settle for less when I wanted to go back to school for my Post Graduate program. The easy path was to study a course in the health industry so I could earn real money fast, but I decided not to settle for less and going in an unfamiliar terrain. I chose not to settle for less, stayed my course and today I can’t but give God the glory for helping me stand my ground and not settling for less.

Another “special opportunity” for settling for less was presented to me while I was job hunting during the early days of my career. I had the dream of working as a professional in a corporate setting but most people I told about it felt that I was dreaming too much too early. In fact, I remember a particular woman who laughed so hard and referred to me a “the dreamer”. Rather than take offense or let her words get at me, I simply remained resolute, stayed my course and searched for the type of job I wanted without letting those discouraging words get at me or try to settle for less.

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When I also decided to start my brand, it was yet another “special opportunity” to settle for less. “You’ll be drowning in taxes” was the common thing I heard from most people I shared my dreams with but still I didn’t allow people’s opinions to deter me from moving forward.

Have you been presented with “special opportunities” to settle less? How did you handle situations where you had to choose between settling for less and going for more?

If you assess your life and find that you always tend towards settling for less, here are 3 reasons why you should stop settling for less.

It shows that you do not know your God: Settling for less simply means that you do not know your God. If you know your God, you will resist settling for less and soar high. “…but those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.”- Daniel 11:32b KJV

Time is of the essence: If you keep settling for less, your opportunities not to settle for less will dwindle as you grow. Success breeds success. If you challenge yourself, move in the direction of your dreams and get results, you’ll be motivated to set new goals.

Settling for less means you are wasting your time and time once lost can never be regained.

You will not be called a faithful servant: Those who settle for less are those who bury their talents. God does not expect us to settle for less, he wants you and I to multiply and be fruitful. The parable of the talents says it all. (Read Matthew 25: 14-30 KJV for further study). We will be required to give a detailed account of how we utilized those gifts embedded in our DNA.

Would you like to stop settling for less?  Are you tired of living below your potential?

Here are 4 quick steps you can take to stop settling for less and start soaring high

Fight for it: When it comes to making up your mind to stop settling for less, it’s not something you can do casually, you’ve got to fight for it. Our bodies love “comfort” and that’s why like water, we are always looking for the path of least resistance.  Following the path of least resistance is the path of settling for less. In order to follow another path, you must be willing to fight for it.

Set a concrete goal and put a date on it: Did you notice the word “concrete”? Yes, if you truly want to stop settling for less, you must learn how to set concrete goals, fix a completion deadline and work hard towards completing the goal.

Writing your goals down decreases the chances of you forgetting the goal and fixing a completion deadline increases the chance of making it happen.

Update yourself: Not settling for less requires that you “update” yourself. Seek for knowledge like your existence depends on it because it truly does! I’m amazed by how much people settle for less based on information they heard from someone else. I remember back in the days, it was an accepted “truth” that you can’t get a job with a foreign degree in the United States. The “truth” which is simply false led so many to settle for less when they could have been flying high like an eagle.

Do not defer your source of information to people, take a step further to verify things yourself. Be updated in the areas that have direct links to your progress in life.


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Change your circle: This is the hardest part of the steps but it’s also the most rewarding. Your circle of influence determines how far you’ll go in life. If you are born as an eagle but surround yourself with chickens, you can’t fly like an eagle. Your flight height cannot exceed that of the chicken that flies the highest in your circle. In fact, you’ll be oblivious that you are an eagle because the chicken life is all you know.

Those we surround ourselves with have a great impact on what we eventually become. If you truly want to stop settling for less you need to change your circle!

Thank you for reading! What other reasons are there why one should not settle for less? Please leave a comment and share this post with a friend.