There is nothing as exasperating as spending time creating content that people end up not reading. If you have not been in those shoes in your business journey, congratulations, you are one of the 1%. However, if you are among the 99% of business owners who daily struggle with getting their audience to engage with their content, you are on your way to joining the 1%.

Why You Should Care About Getting Your Audience to Engage with Your Content

Your content is the channel through which you can sell your brand to your audience. If you produce great content but hardly find people to read, then it simply means you are losing money. Getting your audience to engage with your content is a way of ensuring that your message is being heard. You can double and even triple your revenue just by getting your audience to engage with your content.

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What Does “Engage with Your Content” Mean?

Engagement when it comes to content mean that your audience are open to actually reading and understanding your content. The number of “likes” or “comments” on your posts does not directly mean your audience are engaging with your content. What determines engagement is the amount of calls, emails or chats you get after your audience reads your content.

If people are just “liking” and saying words like “beautiful”, “nice”, “lovely”, it’s an indication that your audience are not engaging with your content.

Getting Your Audience to Engage with Your Content

If I told you that there is a set formula in getting your audience to engage with your content, I’ll be far from the truth. However, there are lots of ways you can get your audience to engage with your content and increase your revenue from such. I’ll share five (5) of such ways

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  • Establish Your Authority: if your audience perceive that you have no authority in your field, it will be hard to get them engaged with your content. Authority is everything. Establish it with your audience by providing value 100% of the times.
  • Use attention-grabbing headlines: If you want your audience to engage with your content, make your headline attention-grabbing. One of the reasons you are probably reading this post is because the title attracted you. Use that same tactic when writing your content and watch your audience increase their engagement with your posts.
  • Address the pain point of your audience: It is important that you highlight the pain point of your audience in your content. This is one of the ways to get them engaged with your content. Each time you produce content, picture your audience, think about their pain points and then go ahead and address it in your content.
  • Provide solutions: It is not enough to address a pain point neither is it enough to know what the problem is. If you address the pain point, do not forget to provide solutions. Give your audience the reason to believe that you are the messiah to their problems.
  • Include a call-to-action: This is the part a lot of people miss out when it comes to content creation. Today’s audience is already stressed and highly distracted, make them focus by giving specific instructions on how you want them to proceed. It’s called “call-to-action”.

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Getting your audience to engage with your content is not something you can master overnight. However, as with most things in life, consistent efforts over time is what counts. Continue to hone in on your skills and pay attention to the types of content your audience loves. In no time, you’ll be on top of your game and your efforts will translate into big revenues.

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As a business owner who wants to build a profitable brand online, reaching your target audience and getting them to know and patronize your business is always a priority for you. However, high advertising costs might prevent you from reaching your marketing goals. How then do you reach your target audience when you do not have much money to budget for marketing?

In this post, I will share some strategies you can use in reaching your target audience with a shoestring marketing budget.

The first step in reaching your target audience is to find out where they spend your time. Knowing where your target audience will largely depend on the type of products you sell and where your target audience spend their time. The answer will be different for different businesses. For example, if you are a photographer that caters to young couples, your target audience might spend more of their time on Instagram or Twitter whereas if you are a photographer that caters to the parents of the couple, your target audience might be more likely to spend their time on Facebook. Whatever your type of business is, you must first identify where your target audience are and then come up with a strategy of positioning and making your business visible.

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There are many strategies for making your business visible but the strategies I am about to share are centered on strategies that can be used when you are operating on a shoestring marketing budget.

First, invest in content marketing. Content marketing is great when you do it  the right way. Many business owners think content marketing is hard or that it is out of reach for them. It is not. Content marketing helps people to connect with your brand on an emotional level. It attracts your audience and takes them on a journey. Another thing that’s great about content marketing is that it increases your organic reach on social media.

What’s organic reach?

Organic reach is the amount of people that will see your posts in their timeline without you having to sponsor the post. Sponsoring a post means that you are paying a certain amount of money for your posts to be seen by your target audience. When you pay to sponsor your post, it becomes inorganic reach.

Organic reach converts prospects to customers higher than inorganic reach and that’s mostly because organic reach builds a relationship over time whereas inorganic reach mostly seems impersonal.

Your audience can usually tell the difference from a distance and because most people don’t like to be sold to, they tune your business out when they see your sponsored posts on their timeline.

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Once you are doing great on content marketing, the next thing you should focus your attention on is on email marketing. Email marketing is when you build an email subscriber list and use this list to generate qualified leads for your business who will eventually become your customers and then raving fans. An email subscriber list has been described by many experts as cash cows that can help you reach your business’s revenue goals faster than you would if you had a big budget for advertising.

An email subscriber list and email marketing campaigns help you attract the right audience that can help you grow your business profitably over time.

With email marketing, you can track the number of people who received your message, those who opened and those who acted. Also, email marketing is not affected by organic or inorganic reach. If you send a message to 100 people, 100 people will receive the message in their inbox, unlike a Facebook Page where you can have 5000 followers and only two percent of that, if not less, will see your posts. Some email marketing platforms include Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Mailer Lite etc. Most of the email marketing platforms offer some type of freemium model that lets you test the waters before you commit.

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Once your content marketing and email marketing game is on point, another brilliant step you can take is to set up your chat bot.

What is a chat bot? The best way I love describing a chatbot is that it serves the same purpose as email marketing and not only that, it does so much more.

Chat bot enables you to talk to customers in real time in their messenger inbox, helping you close more deals and making more sales.If you are yet to set up your chatbot, you are simply leaving money on the table. 

As of today, chatbots are recording open rates of as much as 90 percent to 100 percent and the conversion rate is off the roof. If you want to see how a chat bot works, take a look at Onpoint Success’s chat bot hereTo set up your chat bot, go to ManyChat or ChatFuel


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When Instagram launched in 2010, I was very uninterested in creating an account on the social media platform. I couldn’t be bothered and simply was not ready to add an additional source of “distraction” to my life. I survived until 2014 when a sister-friend encouraged me to join and even at that I was not fully active. The online world was becoming something else and I was just tired of trying to keep up with everything going on. However, I had to make a U-turn in 2015 when I conducted a survey and found out that apart from Facebook, Instagram was the next platform my target audience spend their time online.  I began to pay attention and decided to build my Instagram account.

In the beginning stages, I didn’t understand how important it was for me to include hashtags in my posts and wondered why I was not getting customers via Instagram despite the fact that I knew from survey results that I had lots of people who matched the description of my target audience on Instagram. I was confused until I attended a training where someone mentioned hashtags in passing and I decided to research all about hashtags and their importance to being found by Instagram prospects.

Imagine you are getting married in New York and you are in need of a vendor who sells wedding bands in New York and you do not know any vendor. How would you solve this problem?

Let me guess. You will probably go to and type in “wedding band vendors in New York”. Once you type in your search criteria, Google will come up with a list of vendors who sell wedding bands in New York and that will be the beginning of your search towards purchasing the perfect wedding band.

The same way you type in your search criteria in Google is the same way you find vendors on Instagram and this is where the hashtags come in.

Let’s assume that you are a New-York based wedding band vendor who does not use hashtags. Each time someone goes on Instagram to search for “wedding band vendors in New York”, you will not show up in search results because search results on Instagram are curated using hashtags. No one (who is not already following you) will find you and prospects will go on and patronize your competitors.

What does this mean?

You won’t generate new leads who have the potential of becoming your customers. Or worse still, you are losing customers and money. It is that serious!

It does not matter how quality your products are if people can’t find you, your dreams of building a profitable brand won’t come true.

That’s why I always share with anyone who cares to listen that your efforts are meaningless when you are not doing it the right. Can you imagine how much work it takes to create posts day in day out that no one will see? That’s highly frustrating! It bothers me a lot when I see people putting in efforts where it doesn’t count and that’s why I take my time to explain to those who truly want to learn.

In order to make your Instagram efforts count, you need to start including hashtags in your posts that will ensure that you are found in search results.

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per posts and you can use different combinations to increase your chances of being found. The key to being found is to use hashtags that your prospects are likely to search for. One way I like to explain this is that, think like you are the one who needs your products. What will you likely type in the “search” area if you need the products you are selling? Come up with different combinations and try them out until you find combinations that work for you.

You can also take a look at your competitor’s hashtags too so you can learn how they are showing up in Instagram search results. Posting on Instagram without hashtags is like pouring water in a basket so the next time you post on Instagram, remember to use your hashtags.

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My online blogging history dates back to 2012 when I was an event planner. I loved sharing the Nigerian culture with the world so I created a blog via the Blogspot platform created by Google. Back then, it was not an easy task to blog as there was no “Blogspot” app for mobile. This meant that before I could post anything on my blog, I needed direct access to a computer.

Few months into my blogging journey on Blogspot, I heard that I could create a free website on Wix. I remember spending an entire month figuring out how to create beautiful website pages using the pre-made templates. In the end, I managed to create something that looked decent however, the domain name was too long and I knew it was only a matter of time that I would need to get my domain name.

In the end, I did sign up to get my preferred domain name but I still was not satisfied. There was something about Wix that’s so limiting and I wanted the flexibility of being able to fully customize my blog.

I managed to use Wix for about six months until I finally decided to migrate to WordPress. If you are an entrepreneur and you’re looking to start your blogsite or website, I would definitely recommend you start with WordPress, if you have the funds.

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If you don’t have the funds, you can still start with the free WordPress which also has an app, however, there’s still one thing lacking. You can’t build a dynamic website with your WordPress app.

The app lets you write your blog posts, upload pictures and do basic things, but you can’t edit or work with themes or templates straight from your phone. You’d need a computer for that. Even when you have a computer, it still does not mean you can easily build a website especially if it’s not your area of expertise.

How then do you go about it?

Thankfully, there’s now an app that you can use in building a functional website straight from your phone. Other than the fact that you can use this app straight from your phone, you do not need any prior experience in coding. The app is called “Onuniverse“.

With this app, you can create stunning fully customizable website straight from your cell phone in 5 minutes or less! How cool is that?

Other than building a website, you can also use it to create a landing page for your products or even share curated information about your past, current or future events.

The best thing about this app is you can use its basic functions for free. To get rid of advertising and to have your own customized domain name you pay an additional $2.99 respectively.


And oh, the app is only available to iPhone users and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve always wanted to build a professional looking website or landing page without having to retain the services of a professional or having the knowledge of coding or needing a computer.

Check it out right now and be on your way to showcasing your brand the way your audience wants it.

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The world is growing and expanding as a global village at an unprecedented rate, all thanks to the magical social media that connects people who are thousands of miles apart at the click of a button! This golden opportunity continues to open doors of opportunities daily to millions of people across the world. You could be in China and have 90% of your client base in Japan and you could be physically located in the United States and have daily meetings with your team members across the world in real time. With all these advantages that social media offers you, it also comes with its own baggage.

Baggage? Yes, social media has its own baggage which you need to avoid like a plague if you must reach your intended destination. The baggage that social media comes with is that anything you post on social media is ARCHIVED for life. In other words, it cannot be undone. No matter how hard you try, even after you delete it, there’s a record for it somewhere. As a business owner who wants to reach the intended destination, you must be a step ahead so that you are not haunted later in life by your own actions.

In order not to be caught in a web of social media baggage, here are three things you need to avoid like a plague.

1. Ranting: It is amazing that many people now see social media as the place to rant. They rant for everything from their business to their personal relationships to the spiritual life. While it may seem harmless at first, have it at the back of your mind that ranting no matter how justifying it may appear to you does not result in anything beneficial. The bible says in Proverbs 12:16 (Good News Translation), “when a fool is annoyed, he quickly lets it be known. Smart people will ignore an insult.” I know sometimes it’s hard not to vent and that’s why it’s important to surround yourself with people who are matured and can provide you with wise counsel when you feel you’ve been wronged or when you’re deeply hurt. For example, in my #OSBSElite group where I mentor women entrepreneurs, we have provided a secure environment where members can express their frustrations without the risk of being judged.

2. Engaging in frivolous discussions: I might not personally know you but I am probably right that the reason you are reading this article is that you want to learn how to grow your brand profitably. Engaging in frivolous discussions online do not add value to you in any manner, shape or form. When you write, let your words be whole and modest because not only are people watching, they are also screenshotting your conversations. Do not be deceived by “closed” or “secret” social media groups. Everything you write is archived for life. People will do business with you based on what you write. Onpoint Success gained prominence based on what I write. I have had lots of people tell me they found me after reading my write-up or comments. Prior to commenting on an ongoing discussion, ask yourself, “are my words whole?” If you can’t answer yes, keep moving until you can put great words together.

3. Being Inactive: Now, this might sound counterintuitive most especially because I said whatever you post on social media is archived for life. Yes, it’s true but it’s also not an excuse for staying inactive on social media. You cannot be inactive and yet expect to be relevant. If you want to be relevant, you must have a voice that defines who you are and showcases your value to the world. In a breakfast meeting I attended recently, the speaker shared about strategic positioning on social media. This means your social media profile must reflect your destination. This means your profile must reflect the future you want. Stay active on purpose and be a high-quality individual.

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Hardly will I come across a family member or an acquaintance today and the person won’t be aware that I specialize in helping power women entrepreneurs build profitable brands online. This was not always the case when I started my business. I expected people to know what I do especially when we are friends on social media and was usually taken aback when they still ask me “what do you do?”. Back then, I assumed that maybe they were feigning it until the same thing happened to me when an acquaintance asked me about her own business which I was completely unaware of.

I didn’t understand why people who should know about what I do were completely unaware despite the proximity until I attended a masterclass on effective marketing strategy. During the session, my mouth was wide open by the many mistakes I was making without even realizing it at that time. Since then, I have not only developed effective marketing strategies that have helped me build a profitable brand, I have also helped other power women develop effective marketing strategies to help them build profitable brands online as well.

I’m not sure which stage you are in your business but whichever stage you might be, in order to build a profitable brand online, you need effective strategies that will help you achieve that. One of such strategies is an effective marketing strategy tailored to your business.

Before I share the top 3 reasons why you need an effective marketing strategy, I will like to define in clear terms what an effective marketing strategy is.

An effective marketing strategy is a plan that details how you intend to place your brand in front of those who need your products the most. Note the word “details”. When I ask “power women” what their marketing strategy is, most respond by saying “social media”. I then go ahead and say “social media is not a marketing strategy”. Are you surprised to hear that? Don’t be!

Social media is a means to an end, not the end itself and if you don’t have a strategy to effectively use the “means” to get to an “end”, you will continually work like an elephant but eat like an ant. In order to prevent efforts that yield no fruits, you need an effective marketing strategy in place.

Now, let me share my top 3 reasons why you need an effective marketing strategy for your small business

First, without an effective marketing strategy, people will not know about your business. You can spend 24 hours on social media and still unable to reach those who need your products. An effective marketing strategy helps you to create top of the mind awareness among those who need your products the most.

Secondly, an effective marketing strategy help to reduce frustrations of running a business if not totally eliminate them. Frustrations can arise from any aspect of your business but if you know that your marketing efforts will lead to sales, then it’s one less thing to worry about.

Thirdly, marketing precedes sales. If you create top of the mind awareness among those who need your products, chances are high that you’ll increase your sales. On the other hand, if your strategy is just “social media” without a clear sense of direction and intentionality, your frustration will continually increase.

In other to make your efforts count, you must apply it exactly where it’s needed. If you can put in efforts to post on social media, you might as well take your time in developing an effective marketing strategy that will help you attract the customers you’ve always dreamed of.

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