Sleep is beneficial to your overall health, work, and productivity. Getting a good night’s sleep aids in memory recall, appreciation of loved ones and mental alertness. In addition to this, having a good amount of sleep can improve improves your immunity and help you restore and repair your muscles.

When sleep doesn’t happen, it can lead to lethargy, irritability and increase the risk of certain diseases. Sleep deprivation also results in physical and psychological problems plus when you are sleep deprived you tend to make more errors.

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Most adults need 7 to 9 hours a night for the best amount of sleep, although some people may need as few as 6 hours or as many as 10 hours of sleep each day.

The Cause of Sleep Deprivation for Entrepreneurs

The number one cause of sleep deprivation for entrepreneurs is “workaholism.” While it is good to be hardworking, it is also important to always keep things in perspective. More working hours does not necessarily mean that you are productive because your body is designed to sleep so some of your cells can regenerate and be renewed.

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Each time you deprive yourself a good sleep because you are busy working hard, you are denying your body an opportunity to function at its peak while also impeding the growth of your business. Here are a few things that can result from your lack of adequate sleep.

1. Procrastination

2. Sluggishness

3. Error

4. Creative block

5. Less energy.

6. Reacting slower

7. Less motivation

8. Difficulty focusing

The Dos and Don’ts

As an entrepreneur, it is important that you get a good night sleep, so you can think better and produce exceptional results. Also, note that it is only when your health is in good shape that you can truly take on the world. If you’ve been sleep deprived and would like to make changes that would improve your overall health and productivity, here are a few do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind.


1.Protect your sleep time from other activities


3.Turn off your phone 2 hours before bedtime

4.Reduce daytime naps

5.Take a relaxing bath or shower before bedtime

6.Make sure your bed is comfortable

7.Relax and clear your mind at bedtime

8.Have a consistent sleeping time

9.Exercise every day

10.Take short naps during the day

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1. Don’t consume caffeine late in the day

2. Avoid the use of the phone in bed

3. Avoid alcohol

4. Don’t eat late in the night

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In a recent publication by Geek Wire, it was reported that Amazon rejected all 11 annual meeting proposals including employee-backed climate plan.

What does this tell you about the success rate of proposals? Many proposals are rejected daily and because writing a proposal sap lots of energy from the writer, the rejection of a proposal can have a detrimental effect on the psyche of the writer and the stakeholders.

As an entrepreneur, there will be moments during your journey where you’d have to develop proposals that will help you advance your business goals.

Examples of such proposals could be trying to partner with another business, trying to gain the business of a prospect, trying to upgrade a current customer, etc. To increase your chances of writing a winning proposal and getting a “yes” from the recipient, here are 5 proven tips that can help!

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Keep it Short and Simple: Many times, in a bid to impress the recipient, many entrepreneurs attempt to write proposals are unnecessarily long. As an entrepreneur who desires to write a winning proposal, your goal should be to be as detailed as much as you can without the filler content. It is okay for your proposal to be short and straight to the point.

Try to avoid the use of vague terms or words that require the use of a dictionary.   Keep in mind that your recipient is likely a busy person and when your proposal is too long, the chances of sweeping it under the carpet is very high.

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Use a catchy and systematic design: Writing a winning proposal requires that you catch the attention of your prospects. You might be tempted to use the good old Microsoft word but if you want to win over your prospect, consider using catchy and systematic design.

Include diagrams, charts, organograms, if possible. Make your proposal interesting by using a powerpoint or keynote. Use images where appropriate to buttress your point. A catchy and systematic design prevents your prospects from skimming through your proposal.

Focus on the benefit to the prospect: If you want to write a winning proposal, you must focus on the benefit to the prospect. Your prospect is asking “What’s in it for me?” If your proposal does not clearly state what’s in it for the prospect, you will not get a deal.

Offer no more than three options: Writing a winning proposal means that the prospect will buy into your idea. In buying into your idea, you need to give your prospect options to choose from. As a rule of the thumb, offer no more than three options.

Anything more than three options means that your prospect has more options to choose from and this can lead to confusion and frustration. To minimize confusion, embrace the power of three. Most people will remember up to three options vividly.

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Make the contract process a breeze: Once your prospect has bought into your idea, the next step is to make the contract process a breeze. Do not try to over-complicate things or make the process a tedious one. Instead, be prepared to answer questions and more importantly, be prepared to sign the contract as soon as you can.

If you follow these 5 tips while also embracing the spirit of excellence, you are on your way to creating winning proposals.

How do you create winning proposals? Kindly share below in the comments.

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If you truly want to build a profitable brand, you need tools that will help you boost productivity, accountability and success.

Gone were the days where one could afford to be lagging behind. These days, the competition in the marketplace is extremely high and therefore, you need tools that will help you get the job done. However, if care is not taken, it is very easy to get swamped or lost in the sea of the never-ending options.

As a business owner, what tools do you truly need to build a profitable brand and what apps should you discard?

I have created a list of 17 must-have tools to boost your productivity, accountability and success in business.


This is a proofreading tool that I am absolutely in love with. It proofreads as I write and help me avoid costly grammatical blunders. You should definitely check this out so that you can cut time spent on proofreading by at least 80%.


The world is getting noisier daily. As an entrepreneur who wants to get things done, you need a tool that will keep you on track. Todoist lets you create a list of things to do so nothing falls through the crack

Adobe Spark

If you run the major part of your business online, you need great designs. Great designs capture the attention of your target audience. With Adobe Spark, you can create attention-grabbing and sleek designs in less time. This, in turn, boosts your creativity.


Just like Adobe Spark, Canva helps you design stunning graphics like a pro. Canva is a favorite because it lets you design the graphics straight from your phone.

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I love PicsArt most especially because you can use it to enhance your graphic designs straight from your phone. You can create sleek-looking designs in a matter of minutes.

Acuity Scheduling

If you are looking to free up the time you spend trying to book client, Acuity Scheduling is for you. This comes highly recommended especially if you are a consultant and find it hard to charge for your services. Acuity scheduling allows clients to pay you before you meet with them. Awesome!


If you want a curated Instagram look and feel, Unum is the way to organize your Instagram feed the way you love.


As the name suggests, Focus@Will reduces distraction. Distraction is one of the reasons people seem to work hard but have nothing to show for it. If you want to boost your productivity in business, this is an app you want to download on your phone.

This is my latest favorite tool for boosting productivity. If you want to design eye-catching proposals, contracts and invoices, then is the way to go. Just check it out and thank me later.


When clients hire you, all they want is that you get the job done. And if you are looking for a tool to help you keep track of your work, so you are on schedule, look no further than Trello.


If you’ve been dreaming of boosting your productivity in business, it’s time to start scheduling your social media content. That way you can free up some time to focus on more income-generating tasks in your business

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This is excellent for sending quick invoices and receipts to customers straight from your phone


This is perfect for signing and scanning vital business documents. It also helps with record keeping.


I just discovered this app and it helps you optimize your content distribution, identify marketing opportunities Staying ahead of your competition is a challenge, but TrackMaven can help. The app can optimize your content distribution and help you identify marketing opportunities, while also tracking your competitors’ content and strategies.


If you don’t track your expenses, you increase the likelihood of overspending. This can really affect your business success. Expensify can help you track your expenses, so you know what to cut and what to keep doing


To build a global brand, you need an international payment system. Paypal is a tool you can use to get paid from multiple countries across the world.


Never lose important contacts again. With DigitalCard, you can have your contacts’information easily accessible.

Thank you for reading. What other tools do you recommend that helps to improve productivity in business? Leave a comment below and remember to share this post with a friend.