The Battle of The Titans Begins: Who Will Become The Next Big Entrepreneur in Nigeria?

What is the Next Titan?

The Next Titan is a reality show where young talented Nigerians who have great and innovative business ideas will compete in a reality show which gives Nigerian entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase what they’ve got for the business world.  The show made its debut in 2013 and since then, the winners had gone home with 5 million naira and a brand new Ford car.  Past winners include Irogbama Obeifun (2013), Davies Okeowo (2015), Marvis Marshall (2016), Kennedy Iyeh (2017) and Ogechuckwu Alexis Obah (2018).

This year, 2019, is a bit bigger. The winner is going home with seven (7) million naira and a brand new Ford car.   After a series of auditions in Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Abuja and Enugu Nigeria, 50 top qualifiers, including Amifeoluwa Yakubu and Atinuke Dami-Yakubu (members of our business mentoring platform) were chosen to attend a 4-day boot camp. 

At the boot camp, thirty-four (34) candidates were eliminated and the sixteen top qualifiers who scaled through were introduced during a premiere event held at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria on the 29th of September, 2019. These sixteen (16) titans were then moved into “The Titan Mansion” where they will compete with one another for 10 weeks until the winner emerges.  Amifeoluwa Yakubu from our mentoring platform, #OSBSElite made it into the top 16 qualifiers!

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Meet the Top 16 Candidates

1.  Ronke SHITTU(@oye_ronke)

Ronke Shittu is the CEO of OrganicFoodmart.ng.  An agro-processing company that specializes in the production of honey and Peanut butter. Aside from selling honey, Shittu is known to have a great voice and sings beautifully.

2. Racheal AIREWELE (@rakellairez)

Racheal Airewele is a fashion designer and instructor. Apart from her deluxe designs, she teaches the craft of fashion designing of which many are glad that she took up the mantle of teaching.

3. Omeche OKO (@omecheoko)

Omeche Oko is a filmmaker, actor and scriptwriter. Her short films have won major international awards and one of her dreams is to bring together the youngest filmmakers in Nigeria to challenge the status quo of the Nollywood film industry in Nigeria. Oko is said to be talented and smart.

4. Olatunde FADAHUNSI (@jubalsglazedchicken)

Olatunde Fadahunsi is the CEO of Jubal Glazed Chicken. His company specializes in making instant smoked barbecue chicken, you’ll get your chicken cooked and tasting delicious ‘fast fast’. Fadahunsi is known to be calm and reserved.

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5.  Dr. Olatunde KUTI (@kutilagos)

Dr. Olatunde Kuti owns a fashion brand that is fused with medical and technological incentives. His unique selling proposition is offering free medical check-ups to people who patronize his brand. “Have you ever seen a medical doctor and a fashion designer?” is one of his favorite lines

6.  Kenneth ANIGALA (@kennylaga)

Kenneth Anigala owns an Afrocentric fashion brand, which infuses African culture into modern fashion, making t-Shirts, shorts and so on. He is also a graphic designer. He is relentless and known for not giving up too easily.

7. Harvey OIKU (@harveyoiku)

Harvey Oiku is the CEO of Plastics.ng. Plastics.ng is an e-commerce solution where customers can have access to varieties of quality packaging materials for their food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging. He is also known as Mr. Packaging. He is an alumnus of Covenant University. He loves learning new things and he is happily married with two kids. 

8. Dr. Hilda AFES (@dr_afeshilda_md)

Dr. Hilda introduced a Health card that she says will save millions of lives in health emergencies and pharmaceuticals. She is the doctor with “da sauce”. She cares so much about making sure everyone has quick access to health care in case of an emergency.

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9. Adebiyi AJAYI (@ajayi_adebiyi) 

CEO of HandyPadi A Real Estate Investment and Property Management Firm, looking to bring excellence, timeliness and integrity into the Real Estate service industry. For him, it’s his family first. His sister encouraged him to apply and he has their full support.

10. Clinton NNAJI (@clintonnnaji)

Clinton Nnaji is the founder of Style Platter, an innovative and urban men’s wear line that provides high-quality clothing and affordable luxury for the everyday man. He is also known as Mr. Transformer stemming from his ability to turn a formal outfit to a casual one in a twinkle of an eye. He is also considered to be a great talent and a blessing to the fashion world.

11. Catherine AGBO (@hemdooagbo )

Catherine Agbo is the CEO of Veda Food, an agro-processing and packaging company. They are poised to make Nigeria’s healthy cereal a global phenomenon. Agbo is said to be a woman of many talents. She is a writer, journalist, editor and media consultant.

12. Amifeoluwa YAKUBU (@amifeoluwa)

Amifeoluwa Yakubi aka The Trailblazer is the CEO of Garms and Raiments. Her company is your modern Garment Factory. They pride in quality, durability and precision. Amifeoluwa is a graduate of Architecture (B.Sc, M.Sc Obafemi Awolowo University). One thing that makes her stand out is that she is a silent storm. She’s not the one to boast about her achievements but she quietly executes her ideas and thoughts and produces masterpieces. She fully understands the power of doing and a goal-getter.

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13.  Abisoye ALAGBE (@adebizz)

Abisoye Alagbe is the CEO  of Adebizz Fingers, a fashion boutique saloon hub. Her company specializes in hair styling and bead making. She is your typical African Queen – beautiful and poised to be great.

14. Victor ANI-LAJU (@victoranilaju)

Victor Ani-Laju owns an electronic payment platform with a vision of going global and rivaling other big brands. Ani-Laju is very confident and patriotic. He loves to fight for the rights of the masses and seek for peace and order in Nigeria and Africa at large.

15. Chizoba EJIKE (@chizzydassah )

Chizoba Ejike is the CEO of Dassah Hair Line. Her brand specializes in distributing all kinds of 100% human hair to the Nigerian and West African Market region. Ejike is also known to be a beauty queen and was the former Miss Intercontinental Africa.

16. Ugochukwu MBAKA (@mbaka_ugo)

Ugochukwu Mbaka is the CEO of Mupocycle. Mupocycle specializes in door to door collection of waste recyclables and also empowers the average income earner by paying for collecting their waste recyclables. He is relentless and keeps trying until his goals are achieved.

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This Season 6 is proudly sponsored by Heritage Bank Plc in conjunction with Sifax Group, Ford Motors, and other top brands. We wish all the contestants all the best. May the best man win. 

The show will start airing on DSTV channel 418 from today, October 12 at 7:30 p.m. local Nigerian time and on DSTV Channel 154 every Sunday at 5 p.m. You can visit the official Facebook Page of The Next Titan and follow the event on Instagram @thenext_titan.

Thank you for reading. Which of these titans are you rooting for? Let us know in the comment box.

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