The Only 7-Step Guide You Need to Build a Top-Notch Personal Brand

If you missed the article where we shared the six (6) reasons why you need to build a top-notch personal brand, you need to read that here, so you’ll understand why you need to care about building a personal brand. In this day and age, if you want to maintain your relevance and accelerate your growth, you need to be intentional about building a top-notch personal brand.

Building a top-notch personal brand, however, might be confusing. That’s why we decided to share this guide with you, so you can learn how to build one.

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Decide on a General Topic You’d Like to Become the Go-To Person For

As humans, we have the extraordinary ability to do and become many things at a time. However, when it comes to building a top-notch personal brand, the better approach is to choose a general topic for what you’d like to be the go-to person for. That way, it becomes easier to position yourself as an authority in that field, gain relevance and attract high-quality people who will appreciate and love the content you share. The approach of trying to be all things to all people in all places at all times can be likened to trying to fill a leaking bucket with water. It will never be full.

Create Your Brand Identity

What is a brand identity?

Brand identity is unique but the visible elements that people can use to identify a brand. This includes color, logo, language, customer service style, promotional style, processes, etc. that people can easily use in recognizing a brand.

If you want to gain recognition as a top-notch brand, then creating a brand identity is a non-negotiable step of the process. When you are starting out, do not settle for less. If you already started, you can press the pause button and ask yourself if you are truly on track.

Another question you may also ask yourself is, does my current trajectory reflect the type of future I will love to create. If your answer is “No”, then it’s time to rebrand. You can work on one visible element at a time. That way, you are not overwhelmed.

For example, you can start with the logo. Is it something you can design yourself or do you need to hire an expert? There are different types of experts – the low-end, the high-end and every other thing in between.

Whatever expert-level you end up choosing, be sure it reflects your intended destination.  Do not just settle for less. Think about each aspect carefully before you settle for it. If you need a logo, 99designs or Upwork might be good options for you. You may also hire experts but remember to ask for their portfolio and interview some of their clients before you commit.

For other aspects of the visible elements, you can map out a plan of implementation especially if you are running on a shoestring budget. Otherwise, you can hire a branding expert. That way, you can focus on your true strength.

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Create a Public Profile on Social Media

The moment you decide you want to build a personal brand is the moment you become an open book for all to read. This may be a hard pill to swallow for some but if you truly want to build a top-notch personal brand, your profile should be made public. Now, making your profile public does not mean you should give up your privacy. Instead, you should decide on what you want to share and what you’d rather have private.

In creating a public profile on social media, you can create a public personality page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The preference is to choose uniform usernames across all platforms and use graphic designs that speak to the essence of your brand.

Also, depending on your preference and the audience you are trying to reach, you can also consider other platforms like Youtube, Tumbler, etc.

Build a One-Pager Website That Tells Your Story

Building a top-notch personal brand require that you have a home or gallery where people can easily connect with you. This is where a website comes in. With a website, not only are you setting up yourself for unlimited connections, you are also putting yourself on the path of unlimited possibilities. If you are a starter, all you need is a one-page website that tells your story. The content and images on your website should tell a story, cast your vision and lead the user on a journey. A website should be a priority because it validates you more than just staying on social media. Having a website communicates to your audience that you are serious about what you are doing and by inference, they take you more seriously.

Also, a website affords you the opportunity to showcase your work while also helping to seal your spot as a solid authority in your field.

That being said, building a website is never easy especially if tech things are not your strong part. However, do not let this deter you. You can start with a free WordPress version and as you grow, you can hire a freelancer or an agency that can help you build a website professionally.

A note of caution: Do not hire just any type of freelancer. Be sure to hire someone who is truly competent in building websites. Ask good questions, know the terms and conditions and the refund policy before the work commences.

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Introduce or Re-introduce Yourself

What makes your personal brand top-notch is that you have a following. If you look back and no one is following you, then you are not a leader let alone a brand. The good news, however, is that it’s easy to get people to follow you if you can show them that you are leading them to their desired destination. This is where choosing what you’d like to be the “go-to” person for comes into play again. So, if you want people to follow you, all you need is to introduce yourself, cast a crystal-clear vision, share your “why” and invite people to join you on the journey. Once people are able to key into this, they will follow you and invite their friends as well.

Lend Your Voice to the Conversation Consistently

Your personal brand will not become top-notch overnight either will it come on a platter of gold. It will take consistent effort on your part to build that perception. People will not be attracted to or trust your personal brand

Where should you lend your voice?

  • On your platform
  • On other people’s platforms

As you grow, always remember that communication is a two-way thing. If you want people to talk to you, you must also be willing to talk to them as well. Spark conversations on your platform, invite people to contribute and then be sure to lend your voice to conversations on other platforms as well. That way, you’ll position yourself as a top-notch personal brand.

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Keep Building With or Without Applause

This is perhaps the most difficult part. Why? It is easy to build when you constantly get applause from others. What do you do when you do not get applause? Or perhaps what do you do when the applause reduce significantly? Give up or keep pressing? Of course, you keep pressing! Life is about ups and downs so also is building a personal brand. You will experience the joy that comes with people appreciating what you do and also you’ll experience the dejected feeling that’s associated with no applause. That’s why it’s important to know your “why”? If your “why” is strong, then you’ll keep going with or without applause.

Bottom line: Building a top-notch personal brand is a rewarding exercise and you should definitely commit to doing it. And while you are at it, remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Thank you for reading. Are you trying to build a top-notch personal brand? What has the experience been so far? Join the conversation below, subscribe and share this post with a friend.

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