The Period of Waiting is not the Time of Lamentation

Starting a business is an exciting time in the life of an entrepreneur until you start and things are not going on the way you envisaged.

If you are detailed enough to develop a business plan prior to launching your brand, there’s a high probability that your business plan states that you’ll make record-breaking profits at the end of your first month.   However, there’s always a gap between what the business plan projects and what actually happens in reality.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, my message to you is that the period of waiting is not a period of lamentation.  Rather, it’s a time of preparation!

I remember when I was an event planner, customers didn’t come as early and as much as expected and this made me worry a lot. Sometimes, I would spend the whole day lamenting about my lack of customers and worried over things I had control over. One day, I was invited to a wedding planned by another vendor so I decided to use the opportunity not only to celebrate with the couple but also use it as a learning experience.

Upon arrival at the church, I watched as the vendors were moderating the entire event and everything was flowing seamlessly. And by the end of the church service, I concluded that if I was the vendor hired to plan that wedding, I would have achieved less than stellar results. Yes, I could plan events but there was a need for me to brush up on some aspects of my event planning skills. From that day onward, I made up my mind to stop lamenting about the lack of customers but to appreciate the moment of waiting and use that period of preparation.

It is a very disappointing thing for you to wait to sign up your first customer and still be struggling to deliver on your promise. It is not wise to be complaining about the lack of customers when you could seize the opportunity to perfect your skills.

Preparation (thorough) sets you up for success when the opportunity finally arrives.

Based on how you currently run your business, how prepared are you for opportunities?

If I need your services for more people than you’ve ever serviced in your business, will you be able to meet up? How long do you spend daily improving your skills and crafts?

If you are currently waiting to sign up your first customer or maybe you desire to expand your customer base or increase sales, what specific effort are you putting in to make sure that when the opportunity finally comes, it does not slip by you?

No matter how long you’ve waited for an opportunity, always remember, the period of waiting is not a time of lamentation, it is a period of preparation.

Thank you for reading!  How are you currently preparing for opportunities? Please leave a comment and share this post with a friend.