The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need an Effective Marketing Strategy

Hardly will I come across a family member or an acquaintance today and the person won’t be aware that I specialize in helping power women entrepreneurs build profitable brands online. This was not always the case when I started my business. I expected people to know what I do especially when we are friends on social media and was usually taken aback when they still ask me “what do you do?”. Back then, I assumed that maybe they were feigning it until the same thing happened to me when an acquaintance asked me about her own business which I was completely unaware of.

I didn’t understand why people who should know about what I do were completely unaware despite the proximity until I attended a masterclass on effective marketing strategy. During the session, my mouth was wide open by the many mistakes I was making without even realizing it at that time. Since then, I have not only developed effective marketing strategies that have helped me build a profitable brand, I have also helped other power women develop effective marketing strategies to help them build profitable brands online as well.

I’m not sure which stage you are in your business but whichever stage you might be, in order to build a profitable brand online, you need effective strategies that will help you achieve that. One of such strategies is an effective marketing strategy tailored to your business.

Before I share the top 3 reasons why you need an effective marketing strategy, I will like to define in clear terms what an effective marketing strategy is.

An effective marketing strategy is a plan that details how you intend to place your brand in front of those who need your products the most. Note the word “details”. When I ask “power women” what their marketing strategy is, most respond by saying “social media”. I then go ahead and say “social media is not a marketing strategy”. Are you surprised to hear that? Don’t be!

Social media is a means to an end, not the end itself and if you don’t have a strategy to effectively use the “means” to get to an “end”, you will continually work like an elephant but eat like an ant. In order to prevent efforts that yield no fruits, you need an effective marketing strategy in place.

Now, let me share my top 3 reasons why you need an effective marketing strategy for your small business

First, without an effective marketing strategy, people will not know about your business. You can spend 24 hours on social media and still unable to reach those who need your products. An effective marketing strategy helps you to create top of the mind awareness among those who need your products the most.

Secondly, an effective marketing strategy help to reduce frustrations of running a business if not totally eliminate them. Frustrations can arise from any aspect of your business but if you know that your marketing efforts will lead to sales, then it’s one less thing to worry about.

Thirdly, marketing precedes sales. If you create top of the mind awareness among those who need your products, chances are high that you’ll increase your sales. On the other hand, if your strategy is just “social media” without a clear sense of direction and intentionality, your frustration will continually increase.

In other to make your efforts count, you must apply it exactly where it’s needed. If you can put in efforts to post on social media, you might as well take your time in developing an effective marketing strategy that will help you attract the customers you’ve always dreamed of.

Thank you for reading. Do you have an effective marketing strategy? Join the conversation, leave a comment below and share this post with a friend.