Useful Tips on How to Dress for Success

If you’ve always wondered why you are hardworking (especially in a professional setting) yet you find it hard to climb the career ladder, it might be time to review the way you dress and show up at work. What correlation does dressing a certain way have to do with success? Why can’t I be rated based on my performance? Why do I need to have a certain appearance before I can get some opportunities? Well, these are valid questions that have valid answers.

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The way you dress affects the way you see yourself, how others see you and the results you produce. Studies have shown that the way people dress affect their mood. In the work environment, you need to first understand the culture of dressing. Every workplace has its own dressing culture and policies. Be sure to read your employee handbook so you’ll know what’s acceptable or not. If you work in a place where there’s no written dressing policy, then ask your human resources or observe how people dress generally.
If you find yourself in an office where everyone dresses casual but you’d prefer to be formally dressed, you can have specific days that you choose your preferred style of dressing and designate the remaining days to conform with the casual dressing policy.

Once you understand the dressing policy, the next question is what and what not to wear. For example, if your office policy says formal dressing, how should you appear to work? What are some of the things you should look out for when trying to combine colors? It has been said that people who wear more of other colors than black are more energetic and lively. This is because it takes confidence to appear in colors that appear to be brighter than the sun.

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In terms of knowing how to combine colors, the modern-day stores and online clothing firms have made things easy. For a start, you can look out for window displays at physical stores where they showcase design inspirations. These designs are usually put together by professional designers so you can’t get wrong with those. With time, you’ll get used to it and begin to mix and match without any help.

On the other hand and if you are the busy type, the best place to go for design inspiration is online.
Below is some style inspiration you can use when planning your workwear

Ann Taylor

Kerry Suede Slingback Pumps
Colorblock Mock Neck Sweater Dress $149


Steve Madden Debinair Dress Shoes
Classic Soft Wash Button Down-Shirt
$49.90 Now: $34.93

Banana Republic

Satin Pleated Midi Dress
Sale Price: $104.99 – $134.99
Slim Italian Herringbone Blazer

Which of these would you rock?

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